Layout Tours

Owner Name Sort descending Scale Schedule Accessible?
Sandy Eustis Acadian Coast Eastern On30
John Johnston Buchanan and Clifton Forge Railroad N
Howard Garner, MMR Cascade Western Rail Road HO Handicap limited. 8 inch thresholds and level changes
Chris Elliott Flint River Northern and Big Sandy Timber and Mining S, Sn3 no, narrow stairs, steep driveway
Ken Majchrzak G Scale 1:29 G
Jack Varadi Greenville & Ohio RR HO Basement, stairs
Scott Lister Greenville and Northern S
Roland Stadelmann HO Scale HO maybe, outside stairs
Markus Weller Rhine River Valley Railroad HO
John Short Rio Grande Southern Railroad HOn3 No, indoor and outdoor stairway
Tom Langdale Tom Langdale's HO Scale HO Maybe, Layout is in a basement.
M. Steve Todd Waccamaw Coast Line N layout is in hotel