Layout Tours

Owner Name Scale Schedule Accessible? Layout# Sort descending
Apple Valley Apple Valley Model Railroad Club multiple Fri 10am-2pm handicap accessible 1
Bergen, Rich Bergen Junction RR HO Sat 9am-noon accessible from Garage, no stairs 2
Central Railway Museum Central Railway Museum G,O,S,HO Thu 3-6pm, Sat 9am-2pm Paved parking, concrete ramp slightly uphill to front door. Aisles and restroom both accommodate wheelchairs. 3
Eustis, Sandy Acadian Coast Eastern On30 Thu 4-7pm Outside and inside stairs to lower level layout. No wheelchair access. 5
Folsom, Robert Norfolk & Western Railway HO Fri 9am-noon, Sat 10am-4pm The house and layout are handicap accessible with a ramp leading to the front door.  A handicap parking place will be reserved near the ramp. 6
Garner, Howard MMR Cascade Western Rail Road HO Sun 9am-noon Handicap limited. 8 inch thresholds and level changes 7
Hub City Railroad Museum Hub City Railroad Museum Sat 10am-2pm Accessible 8
Illes, Les Santa Fe Eastern HO Fri 9am-noon, Sat 9am-noon Flat walk to front door, but layout is downstairs on lower level, so no wheelchair access. 9
Judd, Jon Colorado Joint Line HO Thu 6:30-9pm Interior stairs to lower level layout. No wheelchair access. 10
Kelley, Harry Loganville Industrial Railway G Thu 3-6pm, Fri 11am-3pm No wheelchair access 11
Langdale, Tom Tom Langdale's HO Scale HO Thu 3-6pm, Fri noon-5pm Lower level layout, sloped exterior paved ramp from parking area. Wide central aisle, wheelchairs OK. 12
Lister, Scott Greenville and Northern S Thu 2-5pm, Fri 2-5pm, Sat 2-5pm, Sun 12-3pm direct access from the parking lot to the basement, no stairs 13
Lown, Ron Wuttlephitt ‘N’ Howe N Thu 2-8pm, Sun 9am-noon accessible, level basement access via carport 14
Majchrzak, Ken Swamp Layout 1:29 G Thu 2-5pm, Sun 9am-noon handicap accessible 15
Meyers, Gerald Blacktail & Mystic Railroad HO Thu 2-5pm, Sun 9am-noon Walkout basement crossing flat back yard to flat parking 16
Model Trains Station Model Trains Station 11 layouts Fri 11am-5pm, Sat 11am-5pm Accessible 17
Morton, Larry Reading Railroad S Fri 10am-1pm Ground floor, no steps 18
Nappi, Lou and Dawn Lou and Dawn Nappi's Layouts G, O Thu 3-6pm Flat walk to barn with G scale layout, easy wheelchair access. Steep stairs up to room containing O scale layout. 19
Pensyl, Myron Backyard Junction G Fri 6-8pm No issues: paved parking, house and garden on a relatively flat lot. 20
Short, John Rio Grande Southern Railroad HOn3 Fri 11am-3pm No, indoor and outdoor stairway 21
French Broad E’N’Pire French Broad E’N’Pire N Fri 10am-2pm Building is wheelchair accessible, restroom is not. 22
Swift, Bruce Swift Short Line & Rio Grande HO Thu 5-8pm, Sat 2-5pm Stairs to second floor over garage 23
Todd, M. Steve Waccamaw Coast Line N layout is in hotel 24
Varadi, Jack Greenville & Ohio RR HO Sat 1-4pm handicap accessible 25
Weller, Markus Rhine River Valley Railroad HO Thu 5-9pm, Fri 5-9pm, Sun 9am-noon some stairs in the front of the house, wheelchair access difficult, average layout height around 4ft, narrow aisles. 26