Ops Sessions

All operating sessions are scheduled for 3 hour time slots; there are 6 time slots as follows:
  • Thursday PM (7-10),
  • Friday AM (9:30-12:30),
  • Friday PM (1:30-4:30),
  • Saturday AM (9:30-12:30),
  • Saturday PM (1:30-4:30), and
  • Sunday AM (9:30-12:30).
Operating session attendance requires signing up in advance; use links below.
Owner Name Sort descending Scale # of Slots Schedule Signup
Sandy Eustis Acadian Coast Eastern On30 3-4 Thurs PM [link]
John Johnston Buchanan and Clifton Forge Railroad N 5 [link]
Howard Garner, MMR Cascade Western Rail Road HO 6 [link]
Ken Majchrzak G Scale 1:29 G 2 [link]
Jack Varadi Greenville & Ohio RR HO 5 [link]
John Short Rio Grande Southern Railroad HOn3 8 [link]