We will be holding a raffle during the convention. A number of items have been donated by vendors and will be part of the raffle.

Here is how the raffle will work:
Raffle tickets will be for sale in the raffle area. $1.00 per raffle ticket or six tickets for $5.00. Raffle ticket sales will be CASH ONLY. No credit card purchases of raffle tickets.
Raffle items will be on display in the raffle area. Next to each raffle item will be a paper bag. Tear your ticket in half and put one half in the bag of the item you want to win. Keep the other half. You can put as many tickets in a bag as you would like. More tickets increases your chances of winning. If there are multiples of an item, they will be drawn from the one bag. For example, we have 4 gift certificates donated by a vendor. There will be one bag and we will draw four tickets from the bag to determine the raffle winners.

We will post a list of winning raffle numbers between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm on Saturday, so don’t lose your ticket stubs!